Basic principles of training – Rest periods 01

Rest periods 01
Rest period duration is key in being successful in your training and is greatly determined by whatever your #goal is!

Strength – relatively long rest periods (between 4-8 minutes) – using a heavy resistance (>85% 1RM) – for 2-6 repetitions – main exercises used to develop strength are the #squat, #deadlift and bench press (compound lifts – working more than one muscle group)

Hypertrophy (increased size of muscle) – shorter rest periods (between 30-90secs) – higher rep ranges (between 12-15+) – moderate #intensity (around 50-75% 1RM)

Muscular Endurance training – short rest periods (30-45secs) – relatively light load (45-55% 1RM) – higher reps 20+

Further considerations are shown in the picture above such as training history and type of muscle action which I’ll talk about in another post!

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Best wishes,

Damon 👍


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