The graph above shows the #science behind the benefits of #HIIT (High intensity interval training) when compared with #LISS (low intensity steady state) when it comes to #fat loss!

#EPOC simply stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which relates to the increased oxygen intake following #exercise in order to make up for the body’s oxygen deficit during the #intense bouts of exercise!

As you can see from the graph this stays higher for longer following HITT #training meaning the body will continue to burn #calories long after the completion of exercise due to an increased metabolic rate!

Practical application – the main thing when it comes to HIIT is that when your working your working as hard as possible! There’s lots more to talk about with regards to HIIT, however this is a long post!

For any training advice or help feel free to DM me on Facebook or Instagram (simply search Damon Artiss) or feel free to email me at damon.artiss@gmail.com! 

Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have and I’ll be sure to reply or create another blog answering your question!

Best wishes,

Damon 👍


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