Basic principles of training – Energy systems 04

Energy systems 04
There are 3 primary #energy systems including the ATP-PC system (phosphocreatine), anaerobic glycolysis (lactic acid system) and aerobic system!

The #ATP-PC system lasts up to about 10 seconds and is used during short #intense periods of exercise! This process uses creatine stored in the muscles to produce ATP! However since these stores are limited, #fatigue occurs rapidly!

#Anaerobic glycolysis is the predominant energy system used for high intensity exercise lasting from around 30secs to around 2 minuets!

The #aerobic system requires oxygen to produce ATP as carbohydrates and fats require oxygen to be broken down. This occurs in the mitochondria of the cell and provides energy for longer lasting, lower intensity exercise!

Practical application – when training for a specific #sport you should work on developing the main energy systems used in the sport! –

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