Basic principles of training – Supersets 06

Supersets 06
A #superset is simply performing one exercise directly followed by another with no rest in between exercises! You rest after both exercises are done and then repeat for a number of sets! There are a few different types of Supersets as shown below!

#Agonist to Antagonist: this is the main form of a superset and consists of working agonist (a muscle that contracts) and antagonist (a muscle that relaxes) muscles, so working opposite muscle groups such as biceps and triceps or chest and back! For example, in a bicep curl, as the bicep (agonist) contracts, the tricep (antagonist) is relaxed!

#Agonist to Agonist: this consists of working the same muscle group using two different exercises! So for example, you could superset barbell bicep curls with dumbbell hammer curls!

Supersets are good for reducing the total workout time while keeping the same volume of training! I would recommend to use Supersets when training for hypertrophy!

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