Basic principles of training – Types of muscle contraction 02

Types of muscle contraction 02
There are three groups of muscle contraction overall including #isotonic (resulting in movement) #isometric (no movement occurs) and #isokinetic (the speed of the movement stays the same)

The two types of isotonic muscle contractions are #concentric (where the muscle shortens) and #eccentric (where the muscle lengthens)

In an #isometric contraction the muscle length remains the same! A great example of this would be the Plank or holding a squat position!

With regards to the concentric phase of the movement (muscle shortening), we want this to be as #explosive as possible! Especially if you play a particular sport that requires explosive power!

With regards to the eccentric phase of the movement, this is where most muscle growth occurs as the stress placed on the muscle when lengthening causes microscopic tears in the muscle so that with proper #recovery they grow back bigger and stronger! In this way more time under tension during this phase can lead to greater #strength adaptations!

Practical application – when you reach #fatigue and can no longer lift the weight concentrically use assistance in the concentric phase and then work the muscle eccentrically for a count of 4 seconds to get the final few reps!

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