What is LISS and when to do it!

When to use LISS? šŸš“
LISS stands for low intensity steady state cardio and has a variety of benefits despite not being as effective as #HITT (high intensity interval training) when it comes to fat loss! It simply means working at a low to moderate intensity for a longer period of time, usually 30 minutes or longer!

So what are the benefits of LISS:

#LISS is good for anyone with poor/weak joints, due to the reduced impact on the joints!

#LISS is less taxing on the neuromuscular system and therefore is a great tool for those who do a lot of high intensity strength training!

#LISS is less taxing on the body and so the body will recover faster!

#You will still burn calories after having exerted less energy – it’ll just take longer!

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Again feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have and I’ll be sure to answer in the comments or create a blog post answering your questions!

Best wishes,

Damon šŸ‘


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