Common supplements – Whey protein 01

Whey protein 01
Whey protein is produced from milk, whereby the manufacturing process removes most of the fat and sugars and leaves you with a convenient powder packed with protein and amino acids! This is a process known as “ion exchange” or “filtering”.

Specifically, whey protein is one of the two main proteins found in milk, with the other being casein! Whey is absorbed by the body #faster than other forms of protein (why it’s commonly consumed straight after a workout) and is the most #common supplement in the current market!

The amount of whey protein you take will be dependent on #individual goals and #training status!

Variants of whey!

#Whey concentrate – least processed form (35-80% protein by weight)

#Whey isolate – defined as being more than 90% protein by weight

#Whey hydrolysate – fastest absorbed!

A market that’s worth around 5 BILLION (specifically protein powders) in the US and is on the increase! (2015 stats)

However you do NOT need to take protein as a supplement as all supplements are exactly that! Supplements are meant to aid a healthy balanced diet and are commonly used for convenience but are NOT essential! Assess your diet first and then if needed – aid with supplements!

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Damon 👍


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